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Christmas Cheer

Christmas is nearly here! What better way to raise the Christmas cheer than organise a drinks party!!?

Organise a stress free fabulous Christmas party with our top tips…

Ask everyone to bring a bottle to place on a cocktail table

Everyone loves a cocktail! Make-up a cocktail bar so that your friends can help themselves and then you don’t have to stress about pouring drinks all night. Set-up the table with different glasses, shakers, lots of ice!!, slices of lemon, lime , whole raspberries, strawberries etc, mint. Don’t forget those that like a mocktail. There are plenty of fabulous ideas for a delicious drink such as virgin mohitos, virgin bloody marys etc.

Use the Limetree comments section in your invite to ask everyone to bring a bottle, either a spirit, a cordial, a syrup or a fizz! You’re guaranteed to end up with a fabulous selection!

Lights, lights and more lights!!!

Nothing says Christmas more than twinkly lights. Place battery powered lights wherever you can  – on tables, over doors, around glasses, around plates. Mix it up with plain white lights, red berry lights and novelty lights. Keep the general lights low and let the mini lights sparkle.


Make sure there’s plenty of food for your hungry guests. There are plenty of great cold options so that you don’t end up being a slave to your oven during the party. Everyone loves a traditional nibble like sausage rolls, and sandwiches, just make sure they’re bite size.

Don’t forget the little ones! 

If you’re inviting children, set-out their own table to make them feel special. Make up little bowls of nibbles and treats in advance for them to pickup so that little hands don’t have to mess around with a big selection.

Make sure you set the going home time!

All Limetree’s invites have the option to set the going home time, both on the e-invite and the digital party management tool, so make sure you use it! Remember the school disco when the lights went up at the end? Don’t be afraid to start raising the lights when it’s going home time – it’s a subtle cue for your guests that your fabulous party has finished!


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