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easy birthday party organisation

Looking for the perfect way to organise a Birthday Party…???

Want easy birthday party organisation? You don’t need to look any further than limetree. We have the perfect digital party management tool to make organising a get-together an absolute breeze. With our wide range of party invitations – you’re sure to find something you like and to suit your party mood.

What’s wrong with old fashioned paper invites??

We’ve used paper, like, forever! Besides isn’t that what everybody uses? Not anymore. Online invites from limetree won’t contribute to depletion of the world’s forests and woodlands. Digital invitations are quicker, cheaper and, most importantly, environmentally more friendly. limetree also supports the Woodland Trust so you get a double green benefit…

To find out more about the Woodland Trust, go to

Afraid of losing track of you invitees??

Who would want to track all their RSVPs with their own manual spreadsheet (yawn!). Why make your life harder when sorting a party really can be easy? With limetree online invitations, you get all the benefits of a digital world…

When you organise a party you need a painfree automatic summary of all your invitees. You want a summary of who’s read the invite and who’s replied – right? Sound too good to be true? Well, fear not, limetree offers that service. You get a full summary table of all your invitees. You can track this on the go on your mobile or just on your desktop. Now that’s easy party organisation!!

Nervous about those +1’s???

Limetree offer the perfect solution to manage those awkward +1’s. Our online tool allows you to set how many +1’s you want to allow per invite and most importantly even set none at all! When people RSVP they will then state how many +1’s they are bringing and limetree will count them all up into one easy total for you. How easy peasy is that?

Details all in one place!

Such a great party – so many details!! Start time – sure, but don’t forget to add an end-time! Postcodes are essential now  – our digital easy party management tool even adds a map for your guests to easily find your venue.

Need an RSVP by…??

Make sure that you add when you need that RSVP by – allow a little bit of time but not too long to keep people focused.


Don’t be afraid to add a dress code – it all adds to the atmosphere that you want to create at your party. With limetree’s easy birthday party tool, you can add any requests, comments or any further information. How helpful is that for your guests?

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