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How to Organise a Great Kids Party

Want to organise a great kids party for the apple of your eye but don’t know where to start? Look no further than our guide…


Nothing makes little ones more excited than a birthday party theme. Usually, the more general the theme the better because it includes so many more ideas and costumes. If you’re doing a boys only party or girls only, that’s fine for more specific themes like princesses and dinosaurs. For mixed parties think more generally… movies, Disney, superheroes, sports personalities etc.

Save the Date

The very next thing after setting your princess or spiderman themed event – save that crucial date by sending a save the date ecard. Is your little one’s birthday in the summer? Is it around christmas time? Even if you’re not planning a party in a busy period, make sure all your little one’s best friends save that date and make sure they’re there.


Ah for the venue…! Budget is so important here. Set it! Then consider how many children you feel comfortable with. If you’re super brave and want to invite your little one’s whole year group, you’ll need a good venue with an activity and lots of staff. They have great experience of dealing with lots of over excitable kids and then you don’t have to rely on other parents to control them. If, however, you prefer a calmer experience with far fewer, a home garden party is a good option. Always make sure that you have specific activities to focus them and keep them busy. If you’re somewhere in-between on numbers, a village hall can often be a relatively inexpensive option with plenty of room to run around and no furniture/ornaments at risk! Again, plan lots of games to keep them focused or hire an entertainer.


If you’ve got a bottomless budget, good for you (very jealous!) – there are plenty of wonderful bakers out there to create the dream cake. If that’s not the case, but you’re not a master baker (me included) don’t be afraid to make you’re own. It doesn’t have to be perfection and you’d be amazed how extra delighted you’re little one will be something homemade. I’ve found the most amazing chocolate cake recipe that’s as easy as (not pie!) …cake!

The best homemade idea I’ve seen is a log cabin, simple to shape and easy peasy to stick all over with chocolate fingers. To accessorise simply add your child’s favourite sweets to it a la Hansel & Gretel style – think smartie trails, jelly tots across the roof, strawberry laces paths etc. If you’ve got a really good sweet emporium near you, find some green sugar crystals and scatter around for grass. What’s not to love?

You can use the same recipe for cupcakes too if you prefer. Who doesn’t love a cupcake!!? Ice and then simply top with your little one’s favourite sweets. Gorgeous!


No kids party is complete without food. Little ones will be too excited to want anything tricky to eat. Think snacky bitesize food. Keep it simple – think of all those fussy eaters. There’s nothing wrong with a lovely cheese or ham sandwich. Those that are really hungry will gobble them up. To add to the fun, think about themed sandwiches where you use cookie cutters for stars, hearts, dinosaur shaped sandwiches.

Who doesn’t love pizza!!!? If you prefer something warm for the little ones, order in a whole round of pizzas from your favourite local delivery store. Again, keep it simple, 2 varieties will be plenty. 

Use recyclable paper plates. There are plenty available to match your chosen theme. The great benefit of finger food including pizza is that no cutlery is required. The planet will thank you for it.


Want to avoid lots of waste? Avoid multiple mini water bottles and cartons by providing recyclable paper cups to refill. Kids are always thirsty during the party, so in advance, mark-up each paper cup with their name so they can come back to it again and again, and parents won’t get twitchy about their little Jonny catching ‘the thing that’s going round’.


Want to minimise your environmental impact and not send out reams of paper invites? By choosing to send an online invitation for your kids party, not only will you be saving trees but you will make your life super easier too! By using limetree you can customise each invitation template, create one receiver list and keep track of all your RSVPs in one place. limetree is fully mobile compatible too, so you can do all of this on your phone wherever you may be. Talk about hassle free!

Limetree have plenty of choices and themes of online invitations to choose from…

Don’t be afraid to be clear about whether siblings are invited or not. If you’re not expecting them, it can double your numbers!! Limetree has a fantastic facility to chose +1’s (or not) and the party management tool will even add up your +1’s  into your total number of guests for you. Genius!

Party Bags

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt with all the (numerous!) parties I’ve organised  – always, always! order extra party bags. There have been multiple occasions where someone has collected more than one accidentally. And believe you me, extra siblings always! turn up and you certainly don’t want them heading off in floods of tears if they couldn’t receive a party bag. 


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